Mr Ibu begs for financial support over critical health condition; Sabinus and others show support


Nollywood actor, John Okafor superior known as Mr. Ibu is confronting the fear of losing his leg.

In a video engaging to the open for support, the actor unveiled that he is battling a illness that may see one of his legs get severed.

Concurring to Mr Ibu, he has been hospitalized for a few weeks presently. Within the video shared on social media, the performing artist says he needs supplications and monetary help from the open as specialists have cautioned that he needs prompt treatment else he might lose his leg.

His daughter, Jasmine Okafor, who moreover talked within the video said they have run out of cash thus the have to be make the open offer.

The appeal has come to 1000s of fans of the on-screen character counting Diminish Okoye of P Square notoriety. In a post shared on social media, the part of the music bunch said “Our exceptionally claim Mr Ibu (John Okafor) needs our offer assistance as he goes through a restorative challenge. Our Nollywood legends merit superior, it’s time for we the individuals to appear him adore for bringing delight to our screens all these years”.

“A I am pledging my bolster for him 100% and Thope you’ll moreover back him a small way you’ll be! able He needs our supplications and monetary bolster in this challenging time. Asking for his rapid recuperation May God recuperate you forever our expensive veteran,” he concluded.

Mr Ibu moreover checked his 62nd birthday at a healing center. Jasmine Okafor in a post on Instagram said: “Happy birthday Daddy @realmribu! It breaks my heart that we are celebrating you today from the Clinic bed. My most prominent wish today is that God crowns you with Divine mending, great wellbeing, and numerous more upbeat a long time. These final two weeks, you have got battled a great battle and you’re still standing tall. We are here for you! Triumph guaranteed. Fast recuperation dad.”


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