Mother refuses to send child to SHS because it’s against pastor‘s teachings


A mother’s surprising decision to prevent her son from pursuing further education has left many people perplexed and questioning the underlying reasons.

In a social media post, it was revealed that the boy successfully completed his Junior High School (JHS) and, due to excellent results, secured admission to Presec, Legon.

Despite concerted efforts to enroll the boy, all attempts have been in vain.

The post highlighted that checks indicated the boy was one of the top students from Tema. Following his admission, teachers diligently procured all the items listed in his prospectus.

However, a significant obstacle emerged—the boy’s mother is unwilling to allow him to continue his education.

The reason behind this decision lies in the mother’s faith, which, influenced by her pastor, rejects the value of education, deeming it senseless.


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