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Mohbad’s mother talks about the real father of the singer – not Mr. Joseph


The mother of Mohbad Aloba has made startling allegations against her ex-husband, Joseph Aloba, amid the ongoing quest for justice following Mohbad’s demise.

Through a social media blogger, the grieving mother has raised doubts about Joseph’s paternity of the late ex-Marlian signee.

In a recorded phone call, the aggrieved mother adamantly asserted that Joseph is not the biological father of Mohbad and insisted on a paternity test to ascertain the truth.

She emphasized the urgency of the matter, issuing a three-day ultimatum for Joseph to undergo a DNA test to confirm his paternity to Mohbad.

The distressed mother further accused Joseph of prioritizing personal gain over the welfare of his children. She expressed frustration at his alleged negligence and urged him to take responsibility for his actions.

In a poignant excerpt from the phone call, she admonished Joseph, demanding accountability:

“You thief! I give you three days to do DNA; you’ll know that Baba Mohbad is not the biological father of Mohbad. You know I’m married to someone else. He’s not the owner of those kids; he’s just taking money on their behalf, and you say you’re looking for justice for Mohbad.”

The accusations have stirred significant attention and raised questions about Mohbad’s lineage, adding a layer of complexity to the ongoing pursuit of justice for the late artist.



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