Methodist church reverend k!lls himself after his sɛx tape leaked in church’s WhatsApp group


After his infidelity scandal was revealed in the church’s WhatsApp group, a Methodist Church Reverend committed suicide.

Rev Oscar Mukahanana could not bear the humiliation from church members and his family and chose to terminate it quickly.

The Reverend apparently had an illicit connection with a female church youth member.

According to obtained WhatsApp audios, the Man of God had a secret meeting with the church lady. They’d been playing hours-long bedroom games and were now enjoying pillow chat. Reverend Mukahanana was relieved he had given the girl a good session.

The youth member laughed as the Reverend assured her he had satisfied her. In another WhatsApp audio, the two were struggling and gasping for air as they got busy working in another alleged session.

Rev Oscar Mukahanana was apparently unaware that he was unintentionally recording the WhatsApp audios as the two were having the time of their lives. Surprisingly, he accidentally released the audios on the church WhatsApp group, and all hell broke out.

The astonished churchgoers couldn’t keep it together and let the situation drop. They began booing and sharing WhatsApp audios to other groups. They even started making memes and mocking the Man of God because of the adultery tempest.

A black cloud hung over Rev Oscar Mukahanana’s head after putting the church and his family in the spotlight through the embarrassing event. The revered religious leader couldn’t bear the shame and pressure he was under, so he committed suicide.


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