Man who always fake heart attack to dodge restaurant bill finally arrested


A 50-year-old guy who is well-known for faking a heart attack after eating and drinking at restaurants in order to avoid paying bills managed to defraud no less than 20 establishments before his luck ran out recently.

The anonymous man would apparently wander from restaurant to restaurant to con people, and the majority of his victims were supposedly from Spain’s Costa Blanca region.

According to reports, when it came time to pay the bills after eating and drinking, he would grasp his chest and fall to the ground, pretending to faint from a heart attack. He got away with it until a restaurant owner read between the lines and discovered images of him online, with other restaurant owners warning against his scams.

The Lithuanian man went to El Buen Comer, an Alicante restaurant, and ordered some seafood paella and a few shots of whisky. He got up and attempted to leave without paying after the restaurant staff delivered him the bill for 34.85 euros ($37).

The waiter then approached him, and he said that he was heading to his hotel to bring the money, which did not convince the staff. He then began acting out another heart attack, clutching his chest tightly and falling dramatically on the ground.


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