Man drags ABSA Bank staff to court for refusing to marry him after sponsoring her for 6 years


A young Ghanaian entrepreneur known as Otu has initiated legal proceedings against his former partner, Mercy Agyei, who worked as a contract staff at ABSA Bank, after their breakup.

Currently residing in Tema, Otu alleges that he played a significant role in supporting Mercy throughout their six-year relationship. He claims to have financed her education, established a business for her mother, provided assistance to her family, and managed various financial responsibilities.

The relationship began in Kumasi, where Otu, after proposing marriage, took it upon himself to fund Mercy’s university education. As their connection evolved, Mercy’s mother suggested a move to Tema.

During her time in Tema, Mercy pursued an HND program at Accra Technical University and later a degree program at KNUST, with Otu covering the expenses. Otu also asserts that he supported Mercy’s younger brother and facilitated accommodation for her mother.

The dynamics of the relationship changed when Mercy secured employment at ABSA Bank as a contract staff. Following this development, she informed Otu of her decision to end the relationship.

Feeling betrayed and seeking compensation for his substantial investments, Otu has filed a legal suit against Mercy Agyei at the Kumasi Circuit Court, seeking an amount of Ghc 350,000.

The case is currently awaiting further proceedings, with the court adjourned until February 20, 2023. Stay tuned for updates on the unfolding developments in this story.


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