Kweku Flick and Rocky Dawuni head for the GRAMMYs as they release “Praise”


Ghana’s acclaimed artist Kweku Flick, renowned for his viral hit “Money,” is wrapping up the year on a note of gratitude with his latest release, “Praise.” Recognized as the “King of Melodies,”

Kweku Flick showcases his vocal excellence on this afro reggae track, expressing thanks to the Most High for guiding him through a successful year.

“Praise” distinguishes itself with conscious and uplifting vibes, providing listeners with a musical journey that mirrors Kweku Flick’s gratitude for divine guidance. Infusing his signature melodies into a jam-rock rhythm, the artist creates a distinctive blend that resonates with fans who have affectionately named him the “King of Melodies.”

Enhancing the allure of “Praise” is the collaboration with Grammy Award nominee Rocky Dawuni, a prominent figure in Ghana’s reggae genre. Rocky Dawuni’s impactful verse on the track elevates the song, seamlessly merging Kweku Flick’s contemporary sound with Rocky Dawuni’s reggae influence.

The partnership between Kweku Flick and Rocky Dawuni underscores the mutual respect and admiration they hold for each other’s talents. Rocky Dawuni, a highly regarded artist, recognized Kweku Flick’s potential, leading to a collaboration that fans of both artists eagerly anticipated.

Produced by Ghanaian Stallion and mixed and mastered by Apya, “Praise” is poised to resonate with audiences appreciative of meaningful and soul-stirring music.

As Kweku Flick continues to make waves in the music scene, “Praise” serves as a fitting conclusion to a successful year and a promising glimpse into the future for this emerging star.


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