Kwami Fortune presents Pitch Buzz: supporting new artists


Kwami Fortune, an accomplished public relations specialist with a penchant for generating buzz in the media landscape and a love for fostering talent, is the driving force behind Pitch Buzz.

Pitch Buzz’s skillfully designed publicity services are one of its main products. They know it’s difficult to stand out in the huge ocean of content. Pitch Buzz makes use of its wide range of media connections and PR know-how to guarantee that up-and-coming creatives receive the recognition they merit.

Fortune has a wealth of expertise and has seen directly the difficulties that aspiring creatives and artists encounter in having their work acknowledged. This is what motivated him to start Pitch Buzz, a website that would act as a springboard for their careers.

Pitch Buzz is available to ensure that the tales of artists and filmmakers, whether they are aiming to release their first single or a ground-breaking project, are heard.

Music Publishing: Pitch Buzz offers complete music publishing services since it understands the value of intellectual property in the music industry. They help musicians safeguard their creative rights, provide just recompense, and make it easier for their music to be heard by people all over the world. 

This allows musicians to concentrate on what they do best, which is make music, while Pitch Buzz takes care of the intricate business aspects.

Pitch Buzz is the compass that points young, independent creatives in the direction of their rightful place in the spotlight in the media and entertainment industries, where chances abound but are frequently elusive. One pitch at a time, Kwami Fortune and his group are working to make dreams come true.


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