John Kumah’s death: Family arrests Captain Smart?

John Kumah's death: Family arrests Captain Smart
John Kumah's death: Family arrests Captain Smart

Apostle Lilian Kumah, widow of the late John Kumah, has taken action against media personality Captain Smart, alleging defamation and tarnishment of her family’s reputation.

Lilian visited the Accra Police Headquarters to file a formal complaint against Captain Smart, who has made multiple claims suggesting that her husband was poisoned.

Lilian expressed concern that Captain Smart’s statements have led to unwarranted scrutiny and suspicion directed at her family.

Seeking justice, she urged the police to promptly investigate Captain Smart’s remarks, emphasizing the need to clarify the situation surrounding her husband’s passing.

In her plea to law enforcement, Lilian requested that Captain Smart be summoned for interrogation, asserting that his insights could aid in uncovering the truth.

As of now, Captain Smart has not responded to Lilian Kumah’s actions, leaving the matter pending further legal proceedings.


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