John Kumah was suffering from cancer – full gist

John Kumah was suffering from cancer - full details
John Kumah was suffering from cancer - full details

Onua TV presenter Captain Smart has made alarming claims regarding the cause of the death of an honorable man, attributing it to food poisoning allegedly suffered last year.

In a video circulating online, Captain Smart asserts that the deceased, John Kumah, had been poisoned during a meeting with influential figures.

According to Captain Smart, there was a conspiracy to eliminate John Kumah because he was perceived as becoming too successful, posing a threat to certain individuals.

He suggests that Chairman Wontumi, a prominent figure, may have been involved in the poisoning, urging skeptics to verify this with him.

However, Okatakyie Afrifa has refuted these claims, stating that there is no truth to Captain Smart’s allegations. Afrifa argues that if there were any credibility to the accusations, John Kumah’s wife would not have taken legal action against Captain Smart.

Additionally, Afrifa reveals that John Kumah had been battling cancer for several years, suggesting an alternative explanation for his demise.

This conflicting information underscores the need for thorough investigation and cautious consideration before jumping to conclusions about the circumstances surrounding John Kumah’s death. The public should await official statements and refrain from spreading unverified rumors.


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