Japan Airlines plane catches fire on runway with 379 people on board


A Japan Airlines plane experienced a fiery incident upon landing at Tokyo’s Haneda airport on Tuesday evening. Dramatic footage from NHK displayed flames emerging from the aircraft’s windows and beneath it, causing the runway to catch fire.

Reports suggested a potential collision with another aircraft, possibly a Japanese coast guard plane, after landing. Identified as JAL 516, the plane had departed from Hokkaido.

Japan Airlines confirmed the safe evacuation of all 379 passengers and crew on board.

Live images from the scene showed passengers utilizing inflatable slides to exit the plane as emergency crews worked to control the flames. Unfortunately, the aircraft sustained significant damage.

Recent updates from Japanese broadcasters TBS and NHK indicated that one person from the coast guard plane managed to escape, while five others remained unaccounted for.

The coast guard aircraft was reportedly en route to Niigata Airport for earthquake relief efforts in the Noto peninsula. The situation is ongoing, with authorities and emergency services actively responding to the incident at Haneda Airport.


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