I was cancelled for saying Ghana influenced Nigerian music – Mr Eazi


Renowned singer and serial entrepreneur, Mr Eazi, reflected on his encounter with cancel culture stemming from his statement asserting Ghana’s influence on Nigerian music. Back in 2017, Mr Eazi tweeted about the significant impact of Ghanaian music on contemporary Nigerian music, facing substantial backlash.

Despite the threats of cancellation from fans and industry peers, Mr Eazi, on the Afrobeats Intelligence Podcast hosted by Joey Akan, revealed that he stands by his statement, expressing regret only about friends in the industry publicly canceling him instead of offering private counsel.

The ‘Leg Over’ artist criticized those who continue to harbor animosity, emphasizing that his statement wasn’t profound and attributing ongoing animosity to unrelated reasons. Mr Eazi highlighted the absurdity of the situation, stating that the energy directed at him should be redirected towards local politicians affecting people’s lives.

He underscored the importance of expressing opinions without causing harm and lamented the trend of individuals jumping on the bandwagon of hate for popularity. In his song ‘We Dey,’ Mr Eazi addresses the issue, pointing out the prevalence of insincere support on social media, where public opinion often overshadows private advice.

Expressing disappointment, Mr Eazi acknowledged the blessing of being able to evoke strong reactions, even though he wished for a more constructive discourse, with individuals offering guidance privately instead of succumbing to cancel culture.


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