I am sending fire to any negativity against him – KK Fosu declares support for The New Force


KK Fosu’s unwavering support for Nana Kwame Bediako, also known as Cheddar, and his ‘New Force’ Movement is evident in his recent actions and statements. In his new song titled ‘Back to Sender’, KK Fosu criticizes detractors of Cheddar, particularly in the aftermath of the cancellation of Cheddar’s rally at the Black Stars Square.

KK Fosu boldly declares his allegiance to the New Force Movement, emphasizing his sincerity by removing his sunglasses during his statement.

According to KK Fosu, members of the New Force Movement are distinguished as “freedom fighters” who prioritize the welfare of the nation over personal interests, contrasting them with the traditional political parties, the NPP and NDC.

He views the New Force Movement as a force for positive change and perceives any attempts to undermine it, particularly its leader Cheddar, as deserving of strong rebuttal.

KK Fosu’s song serves as a defense against negativity directed towards Cheddar and the New Force Movement. He expresses his readiness to confront any opposition or hostility towards them, affirming his commitment to their cause.

Additionally, KK Fosu speculates that the cancellation of Cheddar’s rally may have been motivated by authorities’ fear of his potential to overshadow them.

In summary, KK Fosu’s vocal support for Cheddar and the New Force Movement reflects his belief in their mission and his determination to defend them against detractors.


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