Guinness Book of Records never approved Patrick Amenuvor’s Stand-A-Thon


Patrick Amenuvor gained attention on Ghanaian social media when reported his initiation of what was believed to be a Stand-a-Thon, causing it to go viral.

Recently, Patrick shared insights into his attempt in a conversation with renowned Ghanaian blogger and content creator, Zion Felix.

In the interview, Patrick disclosed that his inspiration came from Afua Asantewaa’s Singathon.

He explained that he and his team coined the term “stand-a-thon” as they didn’t find a similar attempt on the official Guinness World Record pages.

One notable revelation from Patrick was the staggering cost involved in filing an application for Guinness World Record approval.

The high expenses left him astonished, prompting him to opt for the challenge without the official endorsement of the Guinness World Record board.


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