Ghanaians musicians have not reached Grammy level – Pappy Kojo


Ghanaian rapper Pappy Kojo has generated controversy through recent comments on the Grammy Awards, revealing his lack of awareness regarding Ghanaians being considered for Grammy nominations.

In an interview on Ameyaw TV, Pappy Kojo expressed surprise at the notion that Ghanaian artists were reaching a stage of Grammy consideration. He remarked, “I didn’t even know Ghanaians have reached where we get nominated for Grammys.

I don’t know. I’m just saying because you know when it comes to Grammys it’s always Nigerians; they always mention Nigerians. I don’t even know Ghanaians, it’s our turn.”

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The rapper made a bold statement during the interview, suggesting that historically, the Grammy Awards have been dominated by Nigerians. He expressed skepticism about Ghanaians making an impact in the Grammy nominations, stating, “Let’s be honest, I didn’t know because it’s been the Nigerians, for the past I don’t know when, and I didn’t know that it’s our turn.”

Furthermore, Pappy Kojo clarified a previous statement about winning a Grammy for Ghana. He explained that, being of Italian descent with a Ghanaian mother, his intention was to do it for his mom and not as a representation for the entire Ghanaian community.

These remarks have sparked discussions and debates within the music industry and among fans, with some expressing disagreement with his views on the Grammy Awards.


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