Ghanaians can now travel to Rwanda without a visa – details


Ghanaians who want to visit Rwanda no longer have to worry about the difficulties in obtaining a visa.

This is now the case, thanks to Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s announcement on Thursday, November 2, of a new policy allowing Africans to enter the country without a visa.

The President made the announcement in Kigali, emphasizing Africa’s potential as a unified tourism destination. According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, 60% of African tourists come from outside the continent.

“Any African can fly to Rwanda whenever they want and pay nothing to enter our country,” Kagame said at the World Travel and Tourism Council’s 23rd Global Summit.

“We should not lose sight of our own continental market,” he went on to say. “Africans are the future of global tourism as our middle class continues to grow at a fast pace in the decades to come.”


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