DJ WAXY OFFICIAL set to host an electrifying night of energetic music – ‘Big Boys Invention’


Renowned DJ WAXY OFFICIAL is all set to host an electrifying night of energetic music and entertainment at the highly anticipated event, “Big Boys Invention” at Agoo Pub.

This exclusive party promises to deliver an unforgettable experience, featuring a stellar lineup of talented DJs and captivating hype men. With a music policy spear headed by DJ Cezh, DJ Swazy, Silas DDJ, and DJ Khofai with a high-energy hype policy led by MC Jay, Monsteronbeat MC, MC Lilbeatz, and Guccy MC. This event is one that should not be missed by party enthusiasts.

Event Details:

Date: 11th NOV 2023
Time: Doors open at 8pm

The DJs:

DJ Cezh: With his unbeatable mixes and captivating stage presence, DJ Cezh is known for seamlessly blending various music genres, ensuring an energetic atmosphere on the dance floor.

DJ Swazy: An artist with a unique taste in music. DJ Swazy effortlessly fuses diverse sounds, creating an electric ambiance that will keep the crowd grooving all night long.

Silas DDJ: Silas DDJ’s signature style combines infectious beats and melodies, making him a crowd favorite in the Agoo party scene. Get ready to be taken on a musical journey like no other.

DJ Khofai: Known for setting dance floors on fire.

DJ Khofai’s mixing skills and track selection are sure to keep everyone moving and grooving, leaving no room for dull moments.

The Hype Men:

MC Jay: MC Jay, the ultimate hype master, is notorious for igniting crowds with his infectious energy, clever wordplay, and ability to pump up the party atmosphere.

Monsteronbeat MC: With his smooth delivery and engaging stage presence, Monsteronbeat MC is a crowd favorite. His lyrical prowess and captivating style will have everyone on their feet.

MC Lilbeatz: Known for his charismatic personality and ability to connect with the crowd, MC Lilbeatz brings an unparalleled energy to the stage. Prepare to be entertained.

Guccy MC: Guccy MC, the life of the party, knows how to keep the crowd engaged and ensure a non-stop flow of excitement with his dynamic stage presence and catchy rhymes.


“Big Boys Invention” at AGOO PUB is bound to be an incredible night filled with exceptional music and an unparalleled party atmosphere. With the remarkable lineup of DJs consisting of DJ Cezh, DJ Swazy, Silas DDJ, and DJ Khofai, alongside the vibrant presence of MC Jay and Monsteronbeat MC,MC Lilbeatz and Guccy MC, attendees can expect an unforgettable experience.

So mark your calendars and get ready to turn up the volume at DJ Waxxy Official’s extravaganza in AGOO PUB


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