Daniel Jeddman: “DEATH – THE INEVITABLE FRIEND”… Book coming soon


Some people were meant to live to leave. They come to teach and remind us who God truly is. Also, be aware that not everyone will taste death. Heaven is now so close to earth. People die like feathers blown away by the slightest wind. Indeed it’s appointed to man to die once and after death judgement. Our lives on earth is just temporary. Our time on earth is very limited than we think. We have so much to work on as we breathe every single day. We have that chance now or never before the inevitable friend visits without notice.

Daniel Jeddman, then and now

The truth about the fact is that, in our body, the soul can never sense death approaching. But the spirit man can. It all depends on how connected one is to God. Moreover, death is not really the problem but what comes after. What comes after death also depends on what you did with your time on earth and how useful or useless you were living your life. We should always remember life is not permanent, the clock to our graves is still ticking. This reminds me of the very popular song we all probably know from our nursery and primary days; “My grand father’s clock was too large for the shell so it stood nighty years on the floor…”.

Knowing this song means; the very moment we are even conceived in our mother’s womb as a clot of blood, our clocks begin to tick.

In this book I will give you so many examples of why we always have to be ready to meet death no matter how fearful we are. I will also give you so many insights I got inspired from renowned men and women of God during their Exegesis to the body of Christ and also instances in my presence.

Life in God’s perspective is the gain in death. But in man’s mindset is the fear of death. Choose wisely.

God or Man?

We live to die.

Enjoy some good music though;


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