Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly sentenced to ‘99 lashes’ in Iran for committing ‘adultery’


Cristiano Ronaldo has been sentenced to receive 99 lashes in Iran on charges of adultery, according to a report.

The Al-Nassr star met with Iranian painter Fatima Hamami, who is 85 percent paralysed and a devoted fan of his, when traveling with the Saudi side during their AFC Champions League match against Persepolis in Iran last month.

Ronaldo was gifted a painting of himself from the artist and went on to embrace her as they posed for a picture.

According to Mundo Depor, a number of lawyers in Iran have filed a criminal complaint about the hug, as touching a woman who is not your wife is seen as adultery in the country.

The report states that the judicial system acted quickly and sentenced the 38-year-old to 99 lashes.

The Portugal hero will not have to return to Iran during the group phase of the competition, but progress to the next round could see them paired with a club from the country and result in the Saudi side have to make another visit.


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