Company driver returns to work next day after winning $50m lottery – he explains why


A 60-year-old catering company driver who became a multimillionaire after winning a $50 million lottery has refused to leave his job to spend his fortune with his family, claiming that the company would suffer without him.

Pierre Richer, a Canadian man, reportedly won the Lotto Max draw on October 6 after purchasing a $10 lottery ticket at a local Super C grocery store while shopping for Thanksgiving dinner.

Given that he has spent his entire life working to make money, one would think that the sexagenarian would have resigned from his day-to-day job and retired to enjoy his sudden wealth with his family. Richer, on the other hand, insisted on keeping his job, claiming that he doubles as the company’s shipping department.

He revealed at a Loto-Qu├ębec press conference on Thursday that his wife and daughter were the first to hear the good news, and he returned home from work to an electrifying excitement.

However, unlike most lottery winners, Ricer’s unexpected wealth didn’t mean much to him.

When asked how he plans to spend the money, he said he and his family have a plan because he won’t stop getting up at 4:30 a.m. every day to go to work while his wealth is in his bank account.


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