National Chief Imam’s office agrees with the SDA Church’s plea for election date change


The office of the National Chief Imam has endorsed the suggestions put forth by the Seventh Day Adventist Church regarding a reconsideration of the December 7 date for general elections in Ghana.

In a petition to the Electoral Commission (EC), the Seventh Day Adventist Church expressed concerns about potential disenfranchisement of its members due to the election day falling on a Saturday, a day dedicated to worship.

The church is not only urging a change in the election date but is also advocating for legislation to prevent future elections from occurring on religiously significant days.

Speaking to JoyNews, Dr. Solace Asafo, the Director for Public Affairs and Religious Liberty for the Seventh Day Adventist Church, revealed that the church had discussed the matter with the National Chief Imam.

The proposed alternative suggested by the church to the EC is to consider the first Tuesday or a Tuesday in November or December 2024 to avoid conflicts with religious days.

Dr. Asafo emphasized that the church’s concern extends beyond its own members, stating, “It should not be held on any religious day. Our choice of Tuesday is also because traditionally, along the coast, most fishers folks don’t go fishing on Tuesday. So we think that it caters for everybody’s interests.”

In response, the spokesperson for the National Chief Imam expressed support for the SDA’s proposal, acknowledging the challenges the Muslim community would face if elections were held on Friday, a sacred day of worship in Islam.

He highlighted the importance of respecting the sacred days of different religions to ensure that democracy allows everyone the opportunity to cast their votes without compromising their religious practices.

The spokesperson emphasized that finding a compromised day would contribute to the unity of the nation by avoiding the compromise of anyone’s religious rights.


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