Blacc Tbwoy, Tima Kumkum, Nakeeyat honored big time at 2023 Global Achievers Awards


This weekend has been a good one for top Ghanaian digital marketer Blacc Tbwoy, as he received a citation of honor from prestigious Global Achievers Awards.

Blacc is well known for his outstanding both online and offline marketing strategies. On the night of 21’st October 2023, the organizers of Global Achievers Awards honored his great works and his utmost dedication in his field of play.

The night was full of energy and smiles as others also received recognition from the organizers in their respective fields of play. Tima Kumkum, Nkeeyat, Mr. Czer, and many more personalities were honored alongside Blacc Tbwoy. 

Blacc Tbwoy’s approach to digital marketing is a seamless blend of creativity, data analysis, and trends monitoring. He believes in building strong relationships with his clients, striving to understand their brand identity, and customizing strategies accordingly.

One of Blacc Tbwoy’s notable achievements is his successful collaborations with local artists and musicians. By leveraging their social media presence and creating engaging content campaigns, he has helped launch many careers and cultivate devoted fan bases for his clients.



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