Berla Mundi exclusively reveals how she met her billionaire husband in an adorable video


The news of Berla Mundi’s wedding to David Tabi has been making waves on the internet for the past 24 hours. Exclusive videos from the ceremony have surfaced, providing an intimate look into the couple’s special day.

In one particular video, Berla Mundi shared the heartwarming story of how their paths crossed and the serendipitous nature of their union.

Berla Mundi, the esteemed Ghanaian media personality, revealed that her union with David Tabi was, in her words, “meant to be.”

The intertwining of their lives through various connections with both family and friends formed the foundation of a love story that transcended mere coincidence.

She expressed her admiration for David, mentioning that he had been sending her direct messages for many months. However, as she wasn’t keen on social media, she initially didn’t pay much attention. It was only when a friend, Naana, showed her his picture that she started asking around about him.

Eventually, Efua’s husband, who happens to be the best man, discovered that they grew up together. He also married one of Berla Mundi’s best friends.

As the story unfolded, it became apparent that there were longstanding connections between their families. David Tabi’s mother had known Berla Mundi’s family since she was growing up.

Berla Mundi concluded by saying, “So, I guess it was meant to happen. We also found out that his mum has known my family since she was growing up so there’s been a connection somewhere, and here we are today.”


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