Armed robber uses girlfriend as shield during shootout with police and escapes


According to reportsIn a shocking turn of events, a suspected armed robber has become the target of an intense police manhunt after using his own girlfriend as a human shield during a daring shootout with cops.

Dube, who was previously linked to an attempted murder case, eluded capture in a hail of bullets, leaving authorities on the trail of him.

Dube and his accomplices carried out a brazen home invasion in Gwanda. They held the occupants hostage with a knife and a pistol, pepper-sprayed them, and stole $8,800 in cash and valuables.

According to reportsDube’s criminal activities took an unusual turn when he was apprehended by police in connection with another armed robbery and used his girlfriend as a shield during a shootout with the cops.

The public is astounded by the audacity of a criminal using his own partner as a shield in a desperate bid for freedom as the pursuit progresses. The story of love gone wrong takes a dark turn, with the police now racing against the clock to apprehend this armed robber.


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