Afia Schwar mocks Moesha, says she now begs from those she used to pressure on the media


In a characteristic fashion, the outspoken Afia Schwarzenegger recently shared her perspective on the trending story surrounding Moesha Boduong’s health and her family’s appeal for financial assistance. In a video circulating online, Afia Schwarzenegger directed her comments directly to Moesha, questioning whether she was aware of her current situation.

Afia Schwarzenegger didn’t hold back, pointing out the irony that the same people Moesha might have impressed with her ostentatious displays of wealth are now being appealed to for financial support by her family.

She highlighted Moesha’s past behavior of flaunting her luxurious lifestyle on social media, suggesting that while she was in good health, she prioritized travel and glamorous photoshoots.

Afia Schwarzenegger noted that during that time, Moesha may have seen herself as untouchable or superior, but now finds herself in a vulnerable position where those same luxuries are of no help.

In her characteristic candid style, Afia Schwarzenegger’s comments have sparked conversations among netizens, adding another layer to the ongoing discussion surrounding Moesha Boduong’s health and the support she needs during this challenging time.


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