Abbiusi: Woman Behind ‘NEW FORCE’ arrested for illegal activities in Ghana


The Ghana Immigration Service has apprehended a

30-year-old Belgian woman, Shalimar Abbiusi, who gained attention through her involvement in a viral short video introducing a new political group known as “The New Force.”

Abbiusi was taken into custody during an inquiry into her immigration status in the country.

The Immigration Service took notice of Abbiusi’s activities on social media, particularly her role as the spokesperson for “The New Force.”

The Head of the Immigration Headquarters’ National Enforcement Section invited her to address questions about her immigration status, and that’s when the arrest happened.

According to investigations, Abbiusi first arrived in Ghana on September 4, 2017, via the Kotoka International Airport. She visited the country frequently until 2018, at which point she declared herself a resident of Ghana Christian University College, where she was enrolled as a student.

Checks from the college revealed, however, that Abbiusi had never attended, and the paperwork the school supposedly provided to back up her application for a residency visa were fake.

The defendant has been arraigned before the court for remand into immigration custody and is currently facing charges pertaining to immigration violations.


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