17-year old girl narrates how a man bought her kenkey and fish and later gave her two rounds


A young Ghanaian lady who is now 17 years old has accused a middle-aged man of impregnating her.

According to the lady who has now given birth, the young man lured her with Kenkey and fish.

Speaking in an interview on SOMPA FM, the lady explained that he must met the man when she was stranded to make a call to her mother.

He offered her assistance and they later became friends.

Just two weeks after their meeting, the man told her to visit him which she agreed.

During her visit, the man sent her to go and buy Kenkey and fish for them to eat.

After eating, the man told her that he was currently single and looking for a lady to date.
He later coerced her to sleep with him which consequently resulted in pregnancy and later childbirth.

Now the man has refused to take responsibility for the child.


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