We’ll stop Afua Asantewaa GWR attempt if she doesn’t present the rightful documents to us – GHAMRO


The Chairman of the Board at the Ghana Music Rights Organization has strongly suggested the potential cancellation of Afua Asantewaa Aduonum’s Guinness World Record Sing-A-Thon.

This revelation came during an interview with Kafui Dey on Ghana Television, where the veteran Hi-Life artist, Rex Omar, outlined specific reasons for this consideration.

Rex Omar emphasized that Afua Asantewaa must submit copies of all the songs she intends to perform to GHAMRO.

This precautionary measure is to prevent the challenge from being canceled, as using someone else’s intellectual property without approval from the rights owners is a breach that needs rectification.

GHAMRO, as a royalties collection agency in Ghana, represents the rights of music copyright holders, operating under the Copyright Law, Act 690 of 2005. It was established to collect and distribute royalties on behalf of authors, composers, and other right owners.

According to challenge guidelines, Afua Asantewaa Aduonum aims to sing over 3,200 Ghanaian songs in 117 hours, surpassing the existing record set in 2012 at 105 hours.

She faces restrictions such as repeating a song only after the fourth hour and ensuring each performance does not exceed two minutes.

Afua Asantewaa Aduonum’s Sing-A-Thon for the Guinness World Record is scheduled from Sunday, December 24, 2023, to Wednesday, December 27, 2023.

It aims to surpass the current record held by Sunil Waghmare, an Indian who achieved the longest singing marathon in 2012, lasting for 105 consecutive hours.


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