VIDEO: The ‘Terminator’ dance has taken over goal celebrations at the U17 World Cup


The viral dance for King Promise’s ‘Terminator’ song has made its way to the 2023 U17 FIFA World Cup, with an Indonesian player performing it after scoring.

On Monday, when hosts Indonesia faced Panama in their second group game of the tournament, the viral dance took center stage.

Arkhan Kaka Purwanto’s and Oldemar Castillo Jimenez’s goals cancelled each other out, resulting in a 1-1 tie.

Panama took the lead late in the first half, but Purwanto equalized after the break and celebrated by dancing.

The viral ‘Terminator’ dance by the 16-year-old Indonesia forward enthralled the entire stadium.

The Terminator dance challenge, choreographed by Ghanaian dancer Dancegod Lloyd, is currently one of the most popular on TikTok.

Dancegod Lloyd noticed the dance trend continuing into the U17 FIFA World Cup and took to social media to celebrate.


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