VIDEO: Roman father slaps groom for over-kissing bride on the altar


Attendees at a recent wedding ceremony in Nigeria witnessed an unexpected and humorous moment when a priest intervened while the bride and groom locked lips.

The ceremony took an amusing turn when the groom appeared to extend the moment longer than usual during the segment where the groom and bride were expected to share a symbolic and affectionate kiss.

With a playful spirit, the priest decided to intervene one-of-a-kind.

A video of the incident shows the priest giving the groom a light slap on the head while laughingly expressing his surprise. “I thought the groom was a gentleman, but I had no idea he was a bad boy,” the priest joked, eliciting laughter from the wedding guests.

The incident not only added a sense of humour to the ceremony, but it also highlighted the priest’s charismatic and spontaneous nature, creating a memorable moment for both the newlyweds and their guests.


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