This is why Hayford is trending on twitter


A young Ghanaian Twitter influencer is currently trending on the local digital space after a known gay man simply known as Headucator dropped an intimate video titled “Hayford Trumu” .

The bedroom video has ignited a social media frenzy, shedding light on the complexities within personal relationships and raising questions about trust and accountability.

According to @Heducator, Hayford allegedly made a promise to pay Ghc 1,500 in exchange for intimate services.

However, after the encounter, Hayford reportedly fled the scene and has since evaded all attempts at communication. Growing frustrated with what he perceives as Hayford’s evasion and betrayal, @Heducator decided to bring the matter to public attention.

In a bold move, he publicly disclosed the alleged bedroom encounter with Hayford, accusing him of being a serial gay man who presents himself as heterosexual.

The revelations suggest that Hayford’s public stance against the LGBTQ community may be an attempt to divert attention from his activities.

Before making the explosive allegations public, @Heducator posted a picture of Hayford on his Instagram page, urging his followers who knew Hayford in real life to reach out to him.

As the Twitter community buzzes with speculation and commentary, GhPage has initiated efforts to contact Hayford for his side of the story. The intention is to provide a fair and balanced account of the unfolding situation, ensuring that all perspectives are considered.

At the moment video of Hayford and Heducator’s bedroom video is all over Twitter and you can check it out over there.


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