This is the amount of money Afua Asantewaa spent on her Sing-A-Thon attempt


Afua Asantewaa Owusu Aduonum, a passionate Ghanaian singer, has successfully completed her Guinness World Record attempt for the longest individual singing marathon, marking an astonishing 126 hours and 52 minutes of continuous singing.

Expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support, Afua thanked the people of Ghana for their encouragement, messages, and cheers that played a pivotal role in fueling her determination during the five-day event.

The decision to conclude the singa-thon was guided by recommendations from her medical team, prioritizing her health. While awaiting official confirmation from Guinness World Records, Ghanaians are eager to celebrate Afua’s record-breaking achievement.

Insights into the costs associated with Afua Asantewaa’s singathon attempt reveal significant investments. Notably, she spent Ghc 30,000 on soundproof glasses alone, showcasing meticulous planning for an ideal singing environment.

NASCO Ghana’s sponsorship played a vital role by managing all electrical gadgets, easing the financial burden on Afua and allowing her to focus on her performance.

Afua’s success was a collaborative effort with a dedicated team of professionals, including lawyers, voice coaches, DJs, sound engineers, and photographers. Their contributions, estimated at Ghc 5,000 during the marathon period, significantly contributed to the event’s success.

Fortunately, the venue, Akwaaba Village, reportedly offered its space without charging any fees, highlighting a supportive community that rallied behind Afua’s pursuit of a Guinness World Record.

Beyond setting a potential Guinness World Record, Afua Asantewaa’s singing marathon underscores the power of community support and collaboration. As Ghanaians anticipate official confirmation, Afua’s journey stands as an inspiration, emphasizing the importance of perseverance, teamwork, and the backing of a supportive community.


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