Shatta Wale confirms sleeping with his ‘sister’ Magdalene Love as he spills it all


The ongoing feud between Shatta Wale and Mr Logic has escalated, with both parties making accusations against each other on social media.

Shatta Wale alleges that Mr Logic is a serial beggar, while Mr Logic claims that Shatta Wale has engaged in incestuous relationships with his sister.

In response, Shatta Wale denies that Magdalene, mentioned by Mr Logic, is his sister, emphasizing that they have separate parents. He further admits to having a relationship with Magdalene and sees no issue with it.

Magdalene Love, known for her previous clash with Shatta Wale’s mother, Elsie, over allegations of witchcraft, becomes a central figure in the controversy. Shatta Wale’s mother had accused Magluv of influencing her son against her.

Magdalene Love responds to the recent accusations, stating that she paid Shatta Wale’s mother’s rent a few months ago. She suggests that Shatta Wale’s mother is making up lies to tarnish her reputation and expresses frustration over false accusations.

The feud involves personal and family matters, revealing a complex web of relationships and conflicts within the Ghanaian entertainment industry. The public nature of these accusations adds a layer of drama to the ongoing saga.


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