Rocky Dawuni: “I paved the way for others to win the Grammy”


Rocky Dawuni, a Grammy-nominated Reggae artist, composer, and producer, has stated that he does not feel pressured to win the award.

He believes that his repeated nominations and triumphs have already prepared the path for Ghanaian artists to reach the Grammy stage, and that the opportunity is now there for any deserving artist to seize.

Rocky Dawuni discussed the plethora of creative potential in Ghana and the opportunity to learn from giants who have left a lasting legacy in an interview with Ameyaw TV at the Exclusive Men of the Year (EMY) Awards.

He sees the Grammy as a legitimate chance for Ghanaian artists, emphasizing that it is not confined to just one individual, including himself. He has paved the way for any Ghanaian musician to earn Grammy acclaim.

Rocky Dawuni believes that Ghana’s dedicated and talented musicians would gain substantial dividends in the future years.

He stated that Ghana is known for its originality, and that musicians in the country have the opportunity to master the music business while following in the footsteps of giants who have set high standards.

He feels Ghana’s new crop of musicians are extremely gifted and will make great advances in the music industry.

Rocky Dawuni has submitted his new single, “Shade Tree,” for consideration at the Grammy Awards, showcasing his continued commitment to elevating Ghanaian music on the international scene.


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