New York: 3 Ghanaian cousins face 25 years in jail for gun trafficking


Authorities in New York, USA, have arrested a three-cousin cabal of Ghanaian alleged gun traffickers, who face up to 25 years in prison if found guilty of several criminal charges.

The New York Police Department’s undercover investigation dubbed ‘Operation Amazon Pipeline’ was required to uncover the alleged illegal activity involving the sale of weapons on the streets of Queens, New York.

The suspects, 27-year-old Abdul Haruna of the Bronx, 32-year-old Ahmed Mutalib of Georgia, and 30-year-old Murtala Haruna of Cincinnati, are being held in police custody pending further investigation and subsequent trial.

The suspects allegedly concealed the illegal guns, which included pistols, ghost guns, and automatic rifle guns, in Amazon boxes to conceal their activities.

The special operation involved an NYPD officer disguising himself and establishing a working relationship with the gang members. The officer allegedly purchased guns from gang members, leading to the discovery of their illegal activities.

Officers from the NYPD displayed 96 guns seized from the gang at a press conference, indicating that further investigation into the development was ongoing.


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