Mzbel’s son rejected in school after he said there is no God


Mzbel’s son, Okomfo Black, recently expressed his disbelief in God in an interview. This has led to some backlash, with some people suggesting that Mzbel’s son should not be befriended. Mzbel has defended her son, saying that they do not believe in an almighty God. Instead, they believe that everything with life is a god.

According to a Facebook post by a user named Voice, some Christian parents may advise their children not to befriend Mzbel’s son after his interview.

Mzbel responded by sharing the post with the caption, “Yes, it’s already happening at his school.”

In the interview, Okomfo Black, 10, expressed unconventional views on God, emphasizing that he does not see God as a parental figure. He claimed that his mother is the one who looks after him and provides for his needs, whereas God does not.


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