Mr. Ibu Death: This is what happened


The recent passing of the talented Nollywood comic actor, John Okafor, widely known as Mr. Ibu, has left movie lovers worldwide in mourning. The news comes after updates last year on his health status, with his family revealing that he had undergone five major surgeries and was recuperating in the hospital.

Despite initial hopes for his recovery, Mr. Ibu tragically passed away while receiving treatment at Evercare Health Center in Nigeria. His family had hoped to fly him abroad for advanced treatment, but doctors deemed him unfit for international travel, leading to the abandonment of that option.

In November 2023, he underwent the amputation of his leg, marking a challenging phase in his battle against the debilitating condition.

At the time of his passing, Mr. Ibu was 62 years old, leaving behind a grieving family, including his wife and children. His unique talent for portraying humorous characters in movies earned him widespread acclaim and endeared him to fans across Nigeria and beyond.

Despite his departure, Mr. Ibu’s legacy will endure through the memorable characters he brought to life during his illustrious career, leaving an indelible mark on the Nigerian entertainment industry.


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