Money donated to support Mr. Ibu’s treatment stolen – wife claims


Stellamaris Okafor, the wife of veteran Nollywood actor Mr. Ibu, has cried out, accusing his adopted daughter, Jasmine, of misappropriating funds donated for the actor’s treatment.

Remember that the 62-year-old comic actor recently revealed that he is suffering from an undisclosed illness that could cost him his leg?

In a video posted on October 18th, he stated that doctors had warned him that they had exhausted all options and might have to amputate his leg. He then appealed to Nigerians for material and spiritual support.

This prompted Nigerians to donate to him, allowing him to receive treatment and have his leg amputated when all other options were exhausted.

It’s no secret that Stellamaris and Jasmine don’t get along and have been fighting over the actor’s finances since his illness began.

Stellamaris took to social media to accuse Jasmine of being in charge of the money dinated into her husband’s account, reopening a wound from their public fight a few months ago.

Jasmine, she claims, has been spreading lies about her misappropriation of funds, so she decided to share her side of the story to clear her name.


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