Isaac Amoako cleared by Guinness World Records to attempt Read-A-Thon


Ghanaian graduate Isaac Amoako is gearing up for a groundbreaking endeavor as he sets out to attempt a Guinness World Record for a reading marathon.

A recent confirmation from Guinness World Records has fueled Amoako’s passion for reading, marking the official green light for his upcoming reading-aloud marathon.

The University of Education (Winneba) graduate aims to make history with a six-day reading marathon, propelled by his deep love for literature.

Amoako shared in an interview that the confirmation from Guinness World Records has ignited pride and excitement within him, laying the foundation for a challenging yet fulfilling venture.

The ambitious reader expressed his optimism about the upcoming marathon, setting an ambitious goal to read aloud for an impressive 145 to 150 hours continuously.

After three years of meticulous planning, Amoako is determined to leave a lasting impact in the realm of literary achievements.

Amoako’s decision to undertake this reading-aloud marathon is rooted in his observation of the youth’s increasing reliance on social media.

He sees this record-breaking attempt as a unique way to promote and revitalize interest in the art of reading, encouraging others to delve into the world of literature beyond the digital sphere.


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