If a man is stressing you, run away – Empress Gifty advices


Ghanaian gospel singer Gifty Adorye, often known as Empress Gifty, has advised women suffering difficult marriages to leave if their husbands are not treating them properly.

She voiced concern about why some women tolerate being taken for granted by their partners, resulting in depression when they have the option of starting afresh.

Empress Gifty underlined that women in difficult marriages should not be excessively concerned about society perceptions of their incapacity to keep their marriages together. Instead, they should prioritize their mental health.

She questioned why women would tolerate injustice and grief in a video uploaded on her social media channel, advising them not to allow society pressures and critiques influence their decisions.

“Why would a beautiful woman like you sit down for a man to give you a broken heart? Why would you sit down your whole life for a man to give you depression? Because we are too concerned about what others will say like ‘You’ve divorced already and another marriage couldn’t succeed, what am I going to tell my relatives?’ Do they matter?”

“Now that you’re alive and you know good and bad, run away from anything that will cost you your happiness. A woman who thinks society can determine her future, and her life has come to an end due to a situation. I want to tell you that it is the start of something God wants to do in your life. If he is leaving, let him go because he does not deserve a peaceful and beautiful woman like you,” said Empress Gifty .

Empress Gifty closed by encouraging women to prioritize their happiness and well-being.


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