I was paid GH₵20 for a movie role when I started acting – Fred Amugi


Renowned Ghanaian actor, Fred Nii Amugi, revealed in an interview with JoyPrime that during the early stages of his acting journey in the 1970s, he was remunerated with as little as GH₵20 for a movie role.

The actor credited his acceptance of modest payment to his fervor for acting and his determination to establish himself in the industry.

He recalled, “The lowest amount I have received as an actor is GH₵20, paid to me by GBC radio theatre.” During his early career, his motivation stemmed from passion rather than financial incentives.

He emphasized that the emerging actors at the time engaged in acting driven by a deep love for the craft. “We, the so-called beginners of these things, were doing it for the passion.

I just love it anytime someone is happy because he/she has been entertained by my performance, knowing that the viewers appreciate what I did was very satisfying.”

Uncle Fred, affectionately known for his iconic roles, provided insights into his career, highlighted the significant influence of directors, and encouraged aspiring actors to cherish every role assigned to them, emphasizing the importance of not undervaluing smaller roles in movies.


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