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I got a police threat from my mother not to release ‘Good Sin’ – Olivetheboy reveals


Olivetheboy, a rising music singer, has confessed that his mother threatened to have him imprisoned when he released his ‘GoodSin’ song.

Olivetheboy revealed on MX24 that he attempted multiple times to convince his parents that he could do music as a full-time career while he was making waves with his freestyles, but they didn’t agree. They advised him to concentrate on his studies.

This was primarily because his father is a pastor and his mother is also a devout Christian.

Because his parents refused to give in, Olivetheboy determined to continue his music career as soon as he enrolled at the University of Ghana, where he had purchased forms.

The young musician stated that shortly after the release of his ‘GoodSin’ song, his mother contacted and threatened to jail him and everyone involved in the song.



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