Husband sets fire to a hotel after seeing his wife sleeping with another man in one of its rooms – Video


A bereaved partner finds himself at the center of a terrifying tragedy.
Fueled by sorrow and wrath, the husband raced to a hotel after receiving a troubling tip that his wife was having sexual relations with another guy.

What followed was a series of events that left many people stunned.

According to preliminary reports, the spouse, gripped by a volatile mix of emotions, rushed to the hotel, fuelled by a wave of adrenaline.

In one of the hotel rooms, he caught his wife in an intimate embrace with her lover, confirming his wife’s infidelity.

The depth of the pain and betrayal was unbearable, and the spouse, whose identity remained unknown, dashed outside to get a gallon of gasoline.

He returned to the hotel and set fire to the entire structure, destroying properties worth millions of cedis.


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