Ernest Birmeh: Ghana Police protect a single demonstrator as he protests societal pressure – video


Officers from the Ghana Police Service were filmed supporting a one-man protester who chose to oppose cultural pressures that have burdened people, marriages, and families.

The protestor, identified as Ernest Birmeh, also known as Dr Think Twice, is shown in a video marching alone with a mobile phone and a megaphone, while dressed in black jeans, a white long-sleeved shirt, and a black cap. The phrase ‘IGP Inspector General of Pressure’ is plainly stamped on the clothing, as is a phone number thought to be his.

While he walks around the streets preaching his sermon, a police patrol van laden with cops is seen traveling slowly according to his pace in the back, while some other officers walk alongside with the police siren blaring.

Think Twice is heard preaching against pressure put on young women and men by others to get married when they are not prepared, give birth at a certain time when they are not ready, financial pressure by women on men, expectations that a man would marry only one woman, among other things that he believes make the society burdensome and a living hell that causes many people to become depressed.


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