Dr. Likee offers to help Strika of “Beasts Of No Nation” fame – video

Abraham Atta

Dr. Likee, a Ghanaian actor and skit creator, has reached out to Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye, better known as Strika from the film “Beasts of No Nation,” in response to a recent viral video that depicted Strika in a troubling predicament.

Strika, who rose to prominence in the renowned film for his depiction of a child soldier, was recently discovered in a video singing along to Amerado’s “Kweku Anase” while dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans.

Concerns were raised about his well-being after the footage showed him in a distressed situation.

Strika hadn’t appeared under difficult conditions for the first time. Previous instances exposed his post-movie troubles, such as working menial jobs to make ends meet.

Despite several assurances, Strika voiced his dismay in not obtaining the necessary help, resulting to a life of poverty and ongoing problems.

However, there appears to be some optimism now that Gunshot, a member of Dr. Likee’s staff, has arranged up a meeting between Dr. Likee and Strika.

During their conversation, Dr. Likee encouraged Strika to focus on the future while leaving the past behind.

He also suggested that Strika return to school, to which she answered affirmatively, signaling her eagerness to embrace education once more.

Dr. Likee didn’t stop there; he pushed Strika to share his experiences in order to discourage others from following in his footsteps, recommending against smoking and the choice to drop out of school.

The discussion finished on an unexpected note when both actors spontaneously performed an acting scene, enthralling everyone in attendance with their abilities.


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