Diana Asamoah only sings hymns from hymn books – Andy Odarky scathingly tells Felicia Osei


Andy Odarky recently appeared on the popular Ghanaian radio show ‘Adwuma Adwuma’ hosted by Felicia Osei, where he openly criticized Evangelist Diana Asamoah and other gospel artists.

During the interview, Odarky expressed his disappointment that these artists, whom he referred to as “so called” gospel artists, are unable to create their own songs. He attributed this lack of originality to laziness.

According to Odarky, he believes his own songs are better than those of some gospel musicians who claim to be working hard. He emphasized that he has put in the effort to create something unique, rather than simply borrowing from old songs like some artists do.

Specifically, Odarky mentioned Diana Asamoah as an example of a Ghanaian gospel artist who often rushes to claim someone else’s work as her own, solely for the purpose of making money, rather than approaching it with true creativity.

He also mentioned Brother Sammy as another artist falling into the category of the “lazy gospel musicians.”

To watch the full interview, please see the video below:


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