Check out Yvonne Nelson’s birthday wish


According to reportsYvonne Nelson, a Ghanaian actress, expressed her birthday wish, hoping for a surprise call from her biological father.

In a touching moment, Yvonne’s daughter, Ryn Roberts, sang for her mother and inquired about her mother’s birthday wishes.

Yvonne revealed her desire to hear from her father, a quest she began after DNA tests refuted her mother’s initial claims about her father’s identity.

According to reports”I’m hoping my daddy surprises me with a phone call today,” she blurted out.

Yvonne’s daughter added that she, too, would like to speak with her grandfather, noting that she has never met her grandfather.

The actress, who has been searching for her birth father, expressed this heartfelt wish, shedding light on the complexities of her family history and the ongoing search for her paternal roots.


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