Blame NCA: Gov’t forced MTN to increase their data prices, here are the details


Recently, a heated conversation has been provoked after MTN changed their data prices to amounts that seem outrageous to Ghanaians.

This made angry subscribers attack the service provider for not taking how hard the economy is into consideration.

However, digging out for more clarification has brought out a different understanding and meaning to the force behind this outrageous price increments.

In actuality, the higher charges is as the result of the National Communications Authority (NCA) ordering the company to do so which they claim is part for their ways of regulating.

According to the regulatory body, they are doing this to create a healthy competition amongst the other service providers ie, Vodafone, AitelTigo, etc.

This whole thing is because MTN has garnered a lot of subscribers so the NCA has forced MTN to increase their prices just so they will loose customers to the other networks to keep the market balanced.

This article however enlightens Ghanaians that all these happenings are being forced on MTN by NCA.


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