At American Town in Kasoa, a young lady was k!lled and placed in a container – video


The decomposing body of a young lady in her twenties was discovered wrapped in a sack and put in a roadside container at American Town, a Kasoa suburb in the Central Region.

According to reports, locals began noticing a distinct odor within the community early in the morning, which grew stronger later in the afternoon. They initially assumed that one of the locals had murdered an animal, the rotting pieces of which could have inundated the region.

However, the strength of the odor drove the inhabitants to track down the source of the stench, which they discovered was concentrated around a container along the roadside that had previously acted as a grocery store but had been inactive for some time.

They invited the assemblyman of the area, and under his supervision, the container was forced open with the assistance of Unit Committee Members and others. They discovered a sack inside with a human knee protruding from it.

The police were called because they were convinced that someone had murdered another person and dumped the body in the container.

When the corpse was carried out of the sack, a portion of the deceased’s face appeared to have been hit with a hammer, according to Jacob Kubi.

An inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of the young lady, who residents claim did not live in the region, has apparently commenced.

The regrettable tragedy has apparently left people in a state of shock and despair, with many bemoaning that Kasoa’s negative reputation is increasingly infecting the town’s suburbs.


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