A former ‘billionaire’ recounts how he lost his fortune and now sells his book on the streets – video


Decades ago, when he and his family were practically swimming in wealth, with several cars and other properties to his name, he never imagined a time when he would lose everything and become a street hawker.

According to Afrimax English, Richard Kioko Kiundi, popularly known as ‘The Duke of Emali,’ was once a billionaire living a luxurious life with his family in Canada before deciding to return to Kenya to reconnect with his roots.

Because of his parents, he had attended good schools in his early years. He spent years in the country’s civil service after graduating from university.

He had previously worked for Toyota Kenya for several years before joining Kenya Pipeline, ostensibly for better working conditions. He got this job as well while chatting with another stranger in a drinking establishment.

Kioko Kiundi was doing well until February 2013, when he felt a pain in his chest while walking through Nairobi’s streets. Several medical examinations revealed that he had a mild stroke.


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